Let's list here some definitions that we consider important so that you do not get lost in the rest of the tutorial.


Bot is a program that performs actions simulating how a human would have executed them. And when we speak ChatBot means that the context of the Bot actions are related to a dialog environment. They can be dialogues of diverse forms (voice, text, image) where the interactions can be with a human or even another Bot.

In CosmoBots when we mention Bot we are referring to ChatBots in the form of text.


In CosmoBots, when the Bot makes a conversation with the human, we define that this human is the user.

Conversation Context

During a conversation, we can store information about the reason for the conversation. It may be, for example, that the user has one or more intentions and for the bot to be able to answer them, it is necessary to request and store user information.

Therefore we have defined that this information is part of the conversation context. That is, the actions performed by the bot may have influence of this information. In CosmoBots you can define how long the context can last.

15 minutes is the recommended time for the context, as the conversations usually last around 3 to 5 minutes, 15 minutes are enough to store the information/options/user choice's

NLP (Artificial Intelligence)

The meaning of NLP is Natural Language Processing. It refers to an area of Artificial Intelligence focused on the interaction between computer and the language that we humans understand (be it Portuguese, English, etc).

In CosmoBots when we mention NLP, we will generally be talking about a NLP sub-area known as NLU (Natural Language Understanding). In NLU we analyze each message sent by the user to understand some points related to the semantics of the text of the message: Intentions and Entities. We'll go into more detail in the NLP section.

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