The integration with Facebook Messenger allows the bot created to be responsible for all the conversation initiated in this channel. Be a user by logging into your Facebook page or chatting directly through the Facebook Messenger application.

The first step of the integration is to click on the Login with Facebook button so CosmoBots can have access to your page. This access is necessary so that the page can be configured to accept the conversations with the bot created in CosmoBots.

The second step is to choose your Facebook page. Because you can have multiple pages, the purpose here is to define which page will be used by the Bot. By confirming this step Bot will already be available for conversations on your Facebook. If you want to revoke this access, simply go back to the previous step and click Revoke.

The third step is to set a welcome message for when the user first interacts with your Bot. That is, when it clicks the Get Started button.

The fourth step is to define a menu with options that will always be available to the user during the bot conversation. The idea is that it serves as a shortcut for the user if he wants to change the subject of the conversation considerably.

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