Entities are very important information contained in the text message sent by the user. Extracting Entities is an important feature of NLP.

If Intent is to understand "what the user is wanting". Entity is to understand "about what the user is talking about".

Let's give an example to see if it gets clearer. Assuming we have a bot that accepts pizza orders, during the conversation the user can ask for something like:

"I want a large pizza of pepperoni"

Here we have 3 values that can represent the following entities:

  • Meal: represented by "pizza".

  • Size: represented by "large".

  • Meal Option: represented by "pepperoni".

So if the user's intention here is to want to make a pizza request (something that we will understand better in Intentions), the bot would understand the entities as follows:

"The user wants a meal (pizza) of a certain size (large) and a certain meal option (pepperoni)."

The Main column tells you that the first option of each value will be used by default and helps you maintain consistency of information if any of these values are saved in your database.

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