Message is the step of the flow responsible for performing interactions with the user.

Whenever possible, use emoji! This causes greater engagement with the user. Each message bubble can receive 3 different messages.As interações podem ser as seguintes:


In this type, we first need to include the text that will be sent to the user by filling in the Text field. The maximum length of this field is 320 characters. But we recommend that you try not to exceed 40 characters, after all the user definitely does not want to read a long text.

If the message text is long, try splitting the message, for example, by clicking to add new text.

And if you want to add some user information (which is in context) or some field, just make reference by typing the @

You can use {{user.first_name}} to metion the user name.

You can save the response that the user gives related to your message. Just click Save Response and select the field you want to save the response to. Remembering that this saved answer will be available only in the time that you set to the context of the conversation. You can choose from the default fields or create a new custom field:

To facilitate interaction with the user, you can also define Quick Answers. Each Quick Reply can have a title (which will be visible to the user) and represent one of 3 types / values:

  • Running a Flow

  • Running a Flow Step

  • Response to be saved, represented by the Type of field to be used.

You can have up to 10 Quick Reply's. Quick Reply's are great for putting your secondary options available for something! For example: Types of payment (Debit, Credit, etc.)


The second type is sending a message in the form of cards, which are visible horizontally from the dialog environment.

You can have up to 10 cards and put up to 3 buttons on each. Some places refer to cards like Carousels. They are great for showing the main options for the user, since they can receive images which help a lot to engage the user.

For each card you can set the following information:

  • Title: text up to 80 characters in bold. It is the only information required.

  • Subtitle: text up to 80 characters.

  • Image: provided it is up to 1 MB in size. Whenever possible, use images as they greatly enrich the interaction with the user.

  • Buttons: can add up to 3 buttons per card. It behaves similarly to fast responses (described above), with the additional option of being able to open an external URL or a webview if the user clicks the button.

From the information above, only the Title is required.

Random Text

By clicking on this icon we can access the Random Texts, where you can place variations of the message that was created. The bot will send one of those messages to the user, thus creating the feeling that he never repeats the same thing.

The more variations you put on, the more human and intelligent the Bot will look.

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