RD Station


By integrating with RD Station, you'll be able to collect crucial information from your Lead during the flow and save directly to RD!

First, you must already have an RD Station account, having an account created just go to Cosmo and select the "Integrations" tab and choose the "RD Station" option.

Here you will be able to connect with your RD account, just click "Start". Having this account connected, we can start connecting the points in the flow where we will save Lead information.

If the option does not appear, press Ctrl + Shift + F5 (Windows) or Cmd + Shift + R (Mac)

Saving Information

Let's say you want to ask what color is your Lead's favorite. To do this, let's go to the message flow step where you want to get this information and click "Save Reply". Now let's create the favorite color field in the User object by clicking "New Field”

Attention: Always create new fields in the User object, it is the only object that works with RD Station integration.

With this information saved, we should go to the RD Station platform and create a new field of the same name in the new Leads information. To create a custom field, select "Convert", then "Custom Field" and finally "Create Custom Field”.

With this new field created, we can go back to the RD Station tab and select the "+ Add Field" option.

Here, we will relate the field we created in CosmoBots with the field created in RD Station.

Ready! Having this, every time the user goes through that point of the flow, and tells us its favorite color, it will be computed in the Lead present in the RD Station.

Attention: It is always necessary to request the user's email, either in the form or during the flow. Email is the way RD registers a Lead.

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