Creating Custom Fields

When you enter the object, you may notice a button in the top bar called Fields. By clicking we can create new fields or edit existing fields.

Here are the information we can define about the field:

- Field Label: visible in page layouts - Field Path: to be used in code - Field Type and Subtype: - Text - Free - Email - Phone - Address - Number - Free - Currency - Booleano - Options - Date Time - Date - Date Time - Reference - Field Size: when the type is Text, the character size limit can be set - Decimal: When the type is Number, you can define how many decimal places the number has - Options: when the type is Options, the options available in that field can be set. Each line represents an option - Layouts: the field can be visible in 3 types of layouts - Record: refers to the record page when accessed through the Data tab - Search: refers to the object page of this record that contains a table with all records. - Message Center: Referring to the support agent page in the chat with the user

Defining Page Layouts

You can also change which fields are part of each layout by going to the Object page and directly accessing the button called Page Layouts directly in the top bar.

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