Conversation Flow

When entering the bot we will configure the Conversation Flow. The flow has the shape of a flowchart that can be defined by several Actions (also known as Flow Steps).

The purpose of the flow is for the bot to understand which action to perform at each point in the conversation with the user.

A flow can represent an activity the bot can perform. An example of an activity would be, for example, send an initial "hello", check and save the user's address. Therefore a bot can have multiple flows, and consequently can perform various activities.

Standard Flows

Every bot created in CosmoBots has 2 standard flows:

  • Welcome: flow that can be executed in 2 cases: 1) the first time the user interacts with the bot, or 2) every time the conversation context is restarted.

  • Exception: flow executed whenever the bot does not know which action to perform. So the ideal is to build flows and NLP good enough that this flow is little used.

Let's now comment on the Steps (or types of actions) that can be performed today in the flow

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