Workplace integration allows the created bot to be responsible for all conversation initiated on this channel. For all users present in your Workplace.

For this we will need 3 Tokens, the App ID, App Secret and App Access Token. Let's teach you step by step how to get them.

Creating the APP in the Workplace

Go to Integrations in the control panel of the company.

At the bottom of the page click Create Custom Integration

Obtaining the Secret APP and APP Access Token

As soon as you create your APP, a dialog box will appear and in it you will find your App Secret and App Acces Token

Click Create Access Token and another dialog box will appear. In it you will find your App Access Token

Finally, in the Permissions section select the Read content and Message any member options.

Obtaining your APP ID

Now with your created APP and generated token, you will find your App ID in the messages.

The App ID is at the page address.

Okay, with the 3 Tokens you just need to insert them into the Workplace area on the CosmoBots Channels and you will have your bot integrated into that channel.

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