Creating my first Bot

Hello Cosmonaut!! In this article, I'm going to show you an example of how to create your first bot on the platform! I will also give you valuable tips on good practices.

Do you know how to create a bot?

To make it easier, we can separate the creation of the Bot into 3 parts, namely:

  1. Set a Bot Requirement

  2. Create a Flowchart

  3. Insert the Bot on the Plataform

Tip #1: Understanding what the bot's purpose is (Define a bot usage) and how to activate it (Create a flowchart) is essential before you really get down to business! (Insert the bot into the platform)

1. Define a Bot need

Register users on the platform.

Tip #2: The bot must have a main need! Be informative, transactional, collect data between other... You can delete by expanding your bot's functionality or create another one that meets or needs, this way you ensure that the bot's scope is smaller and easier to maintain !

2. Create a Flowchart

This will be the scope of our bot:

Tip #3: There are many tools to create streams quickly, including: , Whimscal .

Let's work on it now!

Follow this step-by-step:

  1. After accessing the platform, click on the new bot button. (as the image below)

  2. Name your bot, for example: Enroll Bot.

Tip #5: You can also define your bot, add an image to identify it, and you can also clone another bot you've already made!


After following step 2, the bot will open a screen that displays the Flows it has. By default, a tool will always come with 3 flows already created, namely:

- Welcome

- Exception

- Delete

*From here our Bot will be separated by streams.

Flow: Welcome

  • Change the Welcome Flow main message to "Welcome to our platform":

Tip #6: Within the Message you can also create option buttons for the user, choose between saving or not the obtained response, among other options.

Flow : Filter

  1. Create another Stream named Filter;

  2. Insert a filter with a function to identify if the user is registered or not in the tool

Tip # 7 : Filters provide an option to enter conditions that allow you to make routings, if you prefer, it is also possible to create Filters with Complex Functions.

Flow: Registered User

  1. Create a new Stream with the registered user name;

  2. Create a message and inform the user that he or she is already registered:

Tip #8: When you need to save the response only for the duration of a bot interaction or use the user response in some other step, for example in a filter, you can save it as context.

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