The Dashboard is responsible for the analytical data of your bot!

They are vital to the success of your bot. The insights you can get by analyzing this data allow you to improve and streamline your flows, relate the right message to the user, and find out where the user is missing out.

In addition, you can filter by the date you want and even include your own analytics in the integrations tab, just inform the Token API.

In the "users" tab we have the number of users that interacted with the bot that day. They can be new users (represented by blue color) and user recurring (represented by green color).

By clicking on the "~" underneath the graph, you can turn off one of the colors to see the other more accurately.

Beside user analytics, we have a general summary about them and the channels they were using.

You can create a custom funnel in the "Custom Funnel" tab, you choose a condition, a flow and a part of the stream you want to analyze. In the example below we create a funnel to see how many users are going to the Exception flow.

By creating this funnel, the analyst will only tell you about the condition you have chosen.

An "exception funnel" is very useful for you to know how many users are going to the "I do not understand".

Below the analytics of users, conversations and personalized funnel we have those of intentions, in it we have a frequency of how many users went through a certain part of the flow. Beside we have the unrequited intentions, which are all those that the Bot did not understand, this flap is crucial for you to leave the Bot increasingly intelligent, in it you will analyze the misunderstandings and add the intentions that you deem pertinent.

Finally, we have the analytics of interactions that are responsible for showing a general summary of the types of messages that appear the most in the flow. Next we have an average in minutes of how long the conversation lasts in total.

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