Version Control

Hello Cosmonaut! In this article I will explain how version control works.

Version control is so you can tinker with your bot without impacting the end user. When you activate this control and publish the bot version for the first time, the end user will always have access to the last published version, that is, even if you delete part of the bot flow, as long as you don't publish the latest version it will only be visible for you. Here's how to enable Version control:

1 - In the bot you want to activate version control, click Edit, then click Versions:

2- In versions, enable the button Use Version Control in Bot, and click Publish New Version:

Okay, your bot already has Version control enabled

To see when the last version was published and the number of versions published, just click on edit and then click on Versions:

NOTE: Version control is so that the modifications you make to your bot don't reach the end user without you wanting to, It is suitable for when you need to make adjustments to bots that are in production Once the new version is published, it is not possible to go back to the previous version.

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