Filter is the flow step responsible for evaluating conversation information and can direct the conversation to a different path in the flow. This information can be from the user or the context of the conversation, either through a custom object or some context variable.


Filter evaluation is defined by logic criteria.

These criteria can be grouped in E and OU respecting always the rules of conjunction in mathematical logic.

The 3 information that represents one criterion are:

  • Field: referring to a field related to the user or to a context information.

  • Condition: operation that will be used to evaluate the selected field.

  • Value: represents the reference value for evaluation of the operation and the selected field. This value is directly related to the type of the selected field. Therefore if the field is of type "Options", the value may be only one of the options registered for this field.


The filter can take 1 of 2 decisions:

  • Yes: if the result of the defined criteria (or conjunction) is "True", the flow will continue vertically.

  • No: if the result of the defined criteria (or conjunction) is "False", the flow will take the path to the right.

Business hours

You can also create a filter that makes human service hours! To trigger this filter, you must select "Business Hours" under Filter Type

For example, you can define the message that the Bot will send if it is in the service hours, and if it is not, a message explaining that the Bot is out of business hours.

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